In online business or in online reputation it is very oppressive when a webmaster looses its valuable customers because of negative comments were found from searching for the company name on search engines.Negative complaints can be generated with various reasons. The first one is when a company fails to keep its commitments and to satifies its customers needs.


But then it is a real challenge for a webmaster to over come this type of problem and to protect his online reputation asap. Yeah its true that Complaint handling represents a valuable opportunity for firms to rebuild and enhance their relationships with their customers. It has a positive fufill its commitments effect on work strategy and also helps to reboost the quality of service deliveries to clients.


In other reson is that all search engines give their more focus on reviews and prioritize the complaints, where competitors also get a chance to dominate and post negative feedbacks.

Aj-group is in the same queue trying to make best deals with the customers. We never want to loose the trust at them. By optimizing our sales process our top managers are giving their full efforts to regain our past values.


We understand the importance of a positive reputation and going to implement a complaint-handling file review template. The template will be focused on assessing the outcome of the complaint. It will help us as an effective diagnostic tool in highlighting weaknesses of our firm


We hope for steady improvement in our online reputation and to see our customers happy.. Read our testimonials...
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